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Sacrifice Organization Morale For High Profits


If you are not a faint-hearted "Pollyanna" you may appreciate this not-so-unusual social science spoof. During one of my previous reincarnations in a distant past time and place I personally observed the background. My tracking methods must remain classified, but the events I copied to develop this fictional allegory actually did occur.

A large multi-national corporation wanted to hire the perfect candidate for their fast-track career ladder to top management. The search agency reviewed each applicant in the usual thorough detail, including all the appropriate checking of family background, personal and experience references, and colleges attended, followed at last by the customary drug screening.

The best description of the favored candidate was a "walking disease" comparable to the main character in Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray". He was a long-time drug addict and compulsive liar with pedophile tendencies, and a con artist who preyed on inept female associates, gullible customer staff, and naive students.

During the pre-employment process he:

*** fabricated his past education history,
*** padded his earned income history with his wife's income,
*** bluffed through every probing question,
*** used a phony emergency to stall the drug screening test, and
*** chemically altered the test sample.

He was hired! Of course he was delighted! To him this was his ultimate victory as a liar and con artist. He never realized that the recruiters were "on to him", almost from the start of the game. They had their orders. In the eyes of his new management, he had passed all obstacles with flying colors!

What were his strange talents that swayed the decision? Well, the reviewers noted he was young, energetic, lied as fast as he talked, and was a shrewd observer of human nature, a "quick study". To top it off, he had a most amazing talent for keeping his fictions straight without notes across completely separate scenarios, not only over the course of many years, but also down to minute by minute changes with each change of listener!

Somewhere early on in life he had absorbed the lesson that unwary interviewers really "wanted to believe" him. They did not really "listen" to his responses to their questions, and THEY DID NOT CROSS-CHECK his answers. To him every person in his environment was an "enemy", every confrontation was "war". Words, especially false ones, were his inexhaustible supply of expendable weapons. It was ridiculously easy for him to "blind-side" an opponent with extraneous tragic "sob stories" (about family members for whom he cared nothing) by which he deftly shifted the focus of attention away from facts and toward sympathetic emotions.

His new company management had great things in mind for him, and planned to keep him happy and content with "team player" ego massages and many pay raises to support his drug habit. He would become a delayed action "mole", waiting until that time when he would be called upon to exercise his unique talents to the fullest in court or Congressional hearings or whatever. Depending on the circumstances, he might then be discarded with the trash, if he was exposed or otherwise deemed no longer useful...

"FAR FETCHED", you say...

Not at all. Of course this tale is an allegory. But, probably most of us retired ("wannabe", but too chicken) "whistle blowers" observed many, many, inexplicable business decisions during our working careers. We did not have access to the most sensitive personnel records, so we could only guess, based on observation of performance, or from hearing "cat out of the bag" confessions while walking across the parking lot with a fellow management employee, or just plain "putting two and two together".

Another story would have been cute, except that the idiot ended up working for me! He had taken a (non-binding) Civil Service exam for the job. Out of 44 applicants he scored DEAD LAST. I asked my boss why he hired the guy. His reply: "HE WON'T QUIT!"

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