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And See Mirrors of the Soul
To the Beginning of Time

Copyright 1995


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First there was only an idea, a something, a speck,
only a desire for life,
bound to its nothing self
by a nothing force now called Gravity,
which, itself, did not yet exist!
Forever and ever, long before Time,
the first micro dust particle
fought against Gravity,
over and over,
again and again,
for simple existence;
finally succeeding only by
creating its own bride,
and Gravity, too,
In the first instant of Time.
Was that God...
Time and all that was created
in that first instant of Time?
Or did God come later...
created as a virtual reality
by and in the minds
of the first intelligent beings
to interfere with natural destiny?
Most earth-bound minds
will never accept the obvious answer,
but a few star spirits now realize that...
Everything we can observe or deduce
evolved from that pilot dust,
over eons of Time;
Stars and their planets
were born, lived, died,
creating new, more complex dust,
from which organic life evolved,
from which creatures evolved,
over eons of Time;
Creatures themselves evolved
to become intelligent souls,
to contemplate the universe,
over eons of Time.
We are made of stardust ,
and, thus, night sky stars
are mirrors of the soul.
All stars are born, live, die,
and so shall you and I;
as did our parents
and grandparents before us,
making room for the future.
This is the final TRUTH,
this is the nature of things.
Beware of false prophets...
don't believe anything less,
don't believe anything more!

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* We Are Stardust

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"Summer of 42"
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Don Carroll

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