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And Dangerous

Waiting for an anonymous freedom lover to supply a link to a comprehensive directory of names, home and travel addresses, and identifying lifestyle habits of current or former command level government thugs in all countries who are now or have been human torture predators or legal advocates of torture in any form, or apologists for torturers, either in person or through paid or voluntary proxies. Ignorant street level order-takers would not be included in this directory. A possible server host could be:

Anonymous PRQ

Criminal dysfunctional types classified
(By a criminal justice professor and consultant in Iraq)

Street protesters never learn that smarter ways to achieve freedom are available, without putting their own lives on the line. It is futile to fight a never-ending parade of low-level militia robots. For every robot eliminated there are ten replacements.

The public is told that violence and torture is caused by a few renegades. But, in any hierarchy, plans and orders come from thugs at the top whose expendable proxies are the only ones who actually "get blood on their hands".

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