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Unpopular, thought-provoking ideas are presented at this website. The background is outlined on this page.

-- Essays expose unscrupulous power groups. They want you to leave your brain at home and blindly follow their agenda, leading themselves to ever-increasing wealth and you to the cemetery. "Big brother" political, religious, and economic "experts" control you, and "anything goes" to reach their personal goal of "winner take all". The nominal value system is corrupted from the top.

-- Reference sites can help you develop your personal agenda for living in a ruthless world.


Busy adults automatically reject "politically incorrect" ideas about human social structure and the reality of the physical world. Their reaction is a result of an unconscious mental trap, a legacy of controlled thinking in childhood when parents and community instilled conformance to faith-based tribal rules.

Early childhood indoctrination insures community order and structural continuity. But there are latent side effects.

"Successful" graduates from the forced "program" mature into non-thinking technocrats, cloned into a tight zombie mold by their own warped thought processes.

"Unsuccessful" non-graduates fight the indoctrination, becoming angry, confused, incapable of love or loyalty, and unable to attract the love of others. They stay at war with society until middle age, when they default to a chaotic zombie mold, separate from the clones, and without technical skills to compete higher up on the "food chain".

The "successful" clones are solid, stolid, citizens who refuse to take risks and abdicate from logical decisions not directly related to their own specialized career training and experience. Although defined as "successful", these zombies have little freedom and no real power.

Clones, however, become uncomfortable, even fearful or depressed, at any suggestion that they might deviate from the common original mold in order to come alive, think their own thoughts, make their own decisions, and manage their own affairs.

If you are not brave enough to test your innate beliefs against the innovative ideas and links at this website, use any of the SEARCH ENGINES to find commercial "popup" advertising, pretty moving pictures, cartoon graphics, and sound "bites" to lure you to slumber. They steal your money and your time while you sleep your life away. Then, after you are dead, you won't have to worry that you never actually lived as a free, thinking spirit in a tangible reality body...

But, if you dare to compare your cherished belief systems against your own logical analysis of REALITY, then you will QUESTION EVERYTHING that RELIGIOUS or RIGHT or LEFT or RADICAL or INDUSTRIAL interests have tried to force you to believe.

SCIENCE links at this website are HEAVY READING for anyone without formal training in the scientific method. My own reality agenda is based on practical business experience, daily living, and social observation, plus training in higher mathematics, and many years of computer work. The computer background gave me some insight as to how thinking systems function. The intangible human mind is based on the physical brain. It is a thinking system that is being moved to the sidelines as more efficient intelligent machines are developed.

Most voters don't have enough education or experience to do their own research. Instead, they look for powerful leaders to tell them what to think and do.

No logical argument can prove these intimidating figures are correct, or that they have any interest in your personal welfare. If you are honest with yourself and ask how these power brokers got into their position of dominance, you may realize that the strategy has included military conquest followed by police authority and tradition.

People WANT TO BELIEVE those who are already in power. Why? Because they don't want to face up to hard choices that would force them to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

To summarize: Those who are unable to dig into WHAT IS REAL are always vulnerable at the bottom of any social structure. If they are loyal conforming robots (clones), they may be rewarded for their support of the privileged hierarchy toadies of our owners.

Life Is For Living

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Peons always get peed on (The late George Carlin said it)

I don't eat much (Are there vampires in your attic?)

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